We are BBQ Fest.

We believe that if you put a bit of time, a bit of love, and maybe a bit of beer, you can make extraordinary things happen.

All of our food is cooked over live fire, giving you some of the best BBQ food you’ll ever taste, whether from our fantastic food stands or our competitive BBQ-Masters.

BBQ Fest will feature some of the top cooks in the UK battling to become the first BBQ-Master Champion over a series of challenges, and you can meet our awesome chefs, learn their secrets but most importantly, taste their food!

There is nothing like the heat of BBQ Battle to give you a thirst, so make sure you check out our fantastic craft beers and cider from some of the best boozers in town!

As with anything in life, BBQ Fest would be nothing without live music, and boy are we putting on a show. We at BBQ Fest believe in giving people a chance and will be bringing together some of the best live acts from around London to get the party started.

So grab some friends and join us for some of the best BBQ and live music this side of the Atlantic!

Who we are.

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Creative Director

Benjamin Edmonds – Founder
Benjamin has a background in organising events and loving food and music, so in the Summer of 2017 he decided to combine all three to create this fantastic show. The event represents a lot that he believes in, supporting local music, local food producers and that the power of a community is like nothing you’ve ever seen!

BBQ-Master Championships

To celebrate the launch of BBQ Fest we are hosting the first ever BBQ-Master Championships. Elite BBQ chefs from around the UK will battle over a number of rounds to be crowned the first BBQ-Master by our elite panel of judges. Come along and meet all of them, learn their secrets but most importantly come and taste their incredible food!


We are bringing some of the best BBQ chefs in the country to provide some outstanding food for you, so prepare yourself for phenomenal pulled pork, beautiful beef brisket, banging burgers and superior spare ribs!


What good is all that food without something to wash it down with? We're bringing you a taste of all that is good, with a range of craft beers, ciders and much more available!

Live Music

We love music. BBQ Fest will be providing a platform for some of the best young artists around London, bringing an eclectic range of music across the two days.


We want you to be inspired by everything you see and there will be opportunities for you to learn tips and tricks to perfect your own home BBQ, from some of the best chefs around!

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